Chapter 9 - Death And The Shadowshifter

from by Blind The Huntsmen

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The world weeps for the fallen warrior
The loss of a single feather at the end of a scale
While insignificant, it allows the power all to shift
Ever so slowly, and tip towards the bitter end

The world weeps as it entombs its child
Digging deeper into its own wounds
Shutting tight the lid that tops the casket
That forever will remain the keeper of our empty plea for hope

[Float away]
It’s time to close your eyes
[Float away]
And ring the bells of death

Time to hold the chilling hand of death

You’re the one the Titans feared they’d encounter
And now that you have slain this hatred
There’s one remaining foe you have to know

So say hello…

… Hello, it’s been a while
Don’t fret, because I will guide you

Turning back will do no good
It’s high time you understood
The battles that you fought before
Have met their end and will haunt your soul no more

Your peace awaits
But before you meet your god
You must face the prowling shadows
Of the soul the gods forgot

Face the Shadowshifter
Face the reason for our plight
Walk inside and call upon his name
To challenge and abolish the devourer of light

White Eyes, my child, are you there?
Have you been taken?
White Eyes, I prey you heed my cry
And quell the demon rolling through the shadows in the sky

My child, you’ve reached the end
Your arrow has abated the Shadowshifter’s reign


from White Eyes, released February 24, 2017



all rights reserved


Blind The Huntsmen Puebla, Mexico

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