Chapter 8 - Contorting Colossus

from by Blind The Huntsmen

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[Afraid] she stands nose to starboard
Confronting the breeze of the unforgiving seas
[The rain], a cold embrace reminds her
That finding the colossus will likely end in their death

[She] leads the fight now
[She] has the life of the men in her hands
Will they triumph? Or will they meet their cold and imminent grave?

Her soul might tremble
But nothing will stop her from heeding her imminent call

The rotting stench of pure evil’s sight
Ripens all too strong and prevalent
The permeating filth of the Titans will rise
Where the sun meets the horizon

Only she can find them
Only she can eradicate the evils they boast
The poison mankind craves
The ravenous malice that hollows their graves
The source of death

Celestial prowess runs through her veins as one
Posed to conquer darkness
Entrusted with all of mankind’s freedom

There she stands nose to starboard
With arrow in hand
And facing the colossus the risen Titans spawned

Your time has finally come, Your fate calls home

The numerous faces of the being of shadows
All morph and contort as their challenge is met
She rises her arm to call them to action
And so they begin to mount their offense and charge
As they proceed to the call

Arrows begin to fly
To the cry of the white eyed child
The huntsmen do all they can
To fight for their leader and race

They plunge to her call
But how can they quell the beast
When the manifestation rests
Only on the eyes of white

Clouds of death (thicken above)
The cries of huntsmen drowning at sea
(All is lost… all is lost…)

The tempest swallows all below
The huntsmen falling to the endless void
(All is lost… all is lost…)

By the mercy of the gods… all is lost… (… all is lost… all is lost…)


She climbs up the mast
To jump into the mouth of the colossus
To find the core and breathe and nock and pull, breathe, aim and FIRE

The fading leviathan contorts as it fights its demise
The rain falls
The menace of destruction has fallen to the hands of the child

As the towering shadow of evil begins to die
So does the brave child
That sacrificed her life for the tribe
And paved the way for the rest

Brave White Eyes…
We mourn the bravest warrior that’s ever been born
Brave White Eyes…
We languish, we mourn, but she’s given us hope that we’ll all be reborn


from White Eyes, released February 24, 2017



all rights reserved


Blind The Huntsmen Puebla, Mexico

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