Chapter 1 - Khomorrah's Box

from by Blind The Huntsmen

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Inside these chilling walls she must call home
She shivers in repeating desperation
And there her biggest fear beacons her to come
The box of her reluctant adoration

It plays (the sound of angels)
It breaks (her mind to pieces)
She has no choice but to accept what it gives and takes

(It waits) What does it hold?
(It calls) What will the box provide?
Khomorrah’s aching spirit
Enslaved to find out what’s inside

The fear of the unknown draws the child’s tears
Intoxicating pain taints the child’s mind
Pacing the pedestal she must weigh her fears
Against the hope of all the good she craves to find

The joy and praise that reigns tonight
Can turn to cold and merciless days
Of fear and plight

Facing her constant nightmare
In fear of
One more in a thousand leaps of faith
For the pain she must once again revere

She must survive the day
She must give in
The child’s heart is racing
Her nerves come marching in

The box, the strain
Khomorrah’s ball and chain
Must open for her hunger to enchain

It’s done, the box of faith has opened once again
But nothing seems to have reciprocated
It can’t, the box always provides a bearing gift
So from troubles she has not been extricated

But something’s wrong
Something tells her she is not alone
From the spherical periphery
of her vision shadows taunt her misery

Inside the chilling walls that she must call her mind
The shadows repent the peace she holds
And there her biggest fear tortures her inside
The box that mocks her as her pain unfolds again

Feel her strain again
Let the shadows reign

Whispers: (A thousand shadows emanate from the box, taunting the child and the fear she harbors. She had no choice, for the box is the only source of nourishment, while also being the giver of darkness. Her mind is about to break, she must do something. She must stare into the light emanating from the box and face the fear that’s haunted her from the inception of her memory)

It’s time to fight, to look inside
And stare into the burning ravenous light

And stare into the burning ravenous light

Let the light burn all these infernal shadows away
And may blind eyes find these lost shadows of the underworld astray


from White Eyes, released February 24, 2017



all rights reserved


Blind The Huntsmen Puebla, Mexico

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